Mimetic is a side-scroller game I developed with game maker. In the game you have to navigate a ball through a wall out of little bricks. The ball that you are controlling can only pass bricks that have the same color as the ball. If you passed and therefore destroyed a brick you earn points. But be careful, bricks in a different color are unbreakable and you can not pass unless you change the color of the ball. You can do so by moving against a brick with a diffrent color and pressing the spacebar in the right moment. You need good timing, because otherwise you get closer and closer to the left edge of the screen. You don't want to get there, because if you do so the game is over and you have to start all over again.
Let's try Mimetic and get as far as possible. Set a new highscore!
You can download the game for Windows by clicking on the button.

Airship [Loop] by Visager (bit.ly/1XZ9ZnN)
is licensed under a Attribution License.